PHP Bytesize : Number Grouping

Recently I’ve been toying with helper methods and classes for analysing certain types of data and came up with a real simple way of calculating numerical groupings – given a step and a set of values. Let’s say you have a list of numbers, such as the following… Now imagine you want to bracket these […]


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PSR-4, namespaces and Composer

Earlier this year I wrote a lovely article about our friend the autoloader and how you need never worry about the include, require or require_once functions again in PHP. Ah good times. However I want to touch on that subject, autoloading, again – mainly because, although better than before, it’s still not a perfect solution. […]

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PHP Bytesize : Passsword Hashing

Part of a new series to increase the frequency of the posts here at RecursiveIterator, I’m going to start posting shorter quick tip posts. Hashing. Encrypting. Cyphering. These are music to the media’s ears when they think of programmers and hackers. In reality hashing is generally used for data that we want to simply do […]

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